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Angilo Institute Organises STAND STILL Fashion in London, U.K

African fashion is really taking its own turn. The continent is rising and that gives us a better chance to tell our stories. Africa’s focus on individualism and our ability to be creative gives us the strength to tell our story through clothes and creative arts.

It is on this premise of Africanalism that a fashion show themed “STAND STILL’ Fashion U.K event was organised to promote this cultural diversity, beauty, and strengths of our fashion and creative arts. This was organised by Madam Angelina Martey who has stayed true to her brand signature through Angilo Institute where colorful clothes are made depicting the strength and creativity of an African woman.

Motivated by the lack of African representation on the global fashion scene, Angelina Martey believes it’s time for African fashion to be promoted and given a place on the global stage where our fashion and creative arts can tell the story of Africa.

Africa has creative ideas, Africa is proud, Africa is bold and Africa is colourful and that was the inspiration behind her *Stand Still Fashion Show. Through fashion, the world should be ready to see what Africa has to offer and this fashion show which took place in London, UK was where all this action was.

See some Gallery from the event below: 

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